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Built on relationships

We build great buildings and provide an exceptional customer experience by putting relationships at the center of everything we do.


Construction Management

We work with our clients! We participate in the project from the very beginning to support our clients with budget, schedule and constructability input throughout the design process and then manage the project throughout construction. This is the most transparent and open form of construction relationship and is rooted in trust. As construction managers, all project financials are open book and fees are based on a percentage of the total construction cost. You can proceed with confidence knowing that our team of professionals is working with your best interests as the main priority. 

We work for our clients! We take your completed design and manage the construction of your project for you. Rest assured, we will bring our full team of qualified staff and sub-contractors to complete your project efficiently. We can provide cost certainty through competitive fixed price bidding or increase efficiency by using a more flexible cost plus model. Regardless of the method that makes the most sense for you and your project, we will work hard to deliver the results you need!

General Contracting

Man at work

Pre-Construction Services

Project Planning 

We get the project stakeholders together and collaboratively determine the shared project objectives and vision for design. Throughout the pre-construction phase, schedules are identified, value is analyzed and risks are assessed. 

Value Analysis 

Constructability Reviews 

Trade Engagement 

We evaluate the project design, systems and materials to ensure they meet the functional requirements in the most cost efficient way. 

Our experienced team knows what works, and what doesn't. We review the design as it progresses to make sure, practically speaking, that it is realistic and achievable within the project budget. 

We engage with trades qualified to perform the work and that share similar core values.  


Construction Services

Project Management 

During construction, our project management team drives the project proactively, with strict attention to the project budget and schedule. We facilitate the flow of information efficiently and our regular reassessment with all stakeholders limit unforeseen extra costs.  


Project Accounting & Administration

Supervision & Personnel

We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment for everyone working on our sites. Our safety professionals take responsibility for first aid, reporting, documentation, safe work planning, and safety enforcement. 

We provide regular project financial reporting as required and ensure all project participants are paid. Our process is proven and we function with complete transparency. 

We provide appropriate supervision for every project. Our skilled roster of carpenters, laborers and other qualified professionals are ready to supplement subcontractors' forces on the job site. 

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