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A TEAM of professionals 

committed to excellence

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Trusted building partners since 1984

In 1984, David Goertz founded Companion Construction and began framing houses. Gradually Companion transitioned into residential contracting, and then into commercial construction. Companion Construction now works with all types of corporate, non-profit organizations, government, and private developers on commercial new construction, renovations and tenant improvement projects. 

Companion Construction has 40 Years of industry experience in commercial, heath care, institutional and mass timber construction and remains relentlessly focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

The future of Companion Construction is bright. With the integration of technology, a diversified workforce, and an ambitious vision for the future Companion hopes to be a part of Building BC Better for generations to come. 


Meet Our Team



We are a team! No one can do it alone. We work together with our partners to be a part of the solution and success. 
We value people. We treat people with respect, fairness, and equality. 
We do what is right and honest. 
We take pride in quality and demonstrate it in every way we represent ourselves.   
We are not afraid to try new things and encourage our team to share their ideas in an open environment. 
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